With TrueView YouTube Advertising we can CONNECT your business to a captive audience in a unique way. Bring your business to life with TrueView YouTube Advertising .  

The key is to get your message across within 5 Seconds. Advertise your business to a captive audience while they wait for their video to load.

This is why TrueView YouTube Advertising could work for your business:

Captive Audience

With TrueView YouTube Advertising we target YouTube viewers effectively and directly. TrueView adverts appear before YouTube videos, engaging your viewer and creating a captive audience.

Targeting viewers

With TrueView YouTube advertising you now have the power to reach a target audience. We offer a custom set-up to cater for your specific needs including the area, age group, gender and interests of your target market e.g. Men aged between 18-34, in Pretoria East who enjoy outdoor and adventure activities such as 4X4 trails or Quad biking.

Detailed performance reports

Detailed reports lets you see who’s viewing your video, how long they watch it and what other actions they take, all to help you improve your campaign’s performance. Its quick and easy to measure the performance of your campaign.

Pick a Device

With TrueView we customize your set up so that your campaign reaches maximum viewership across different devices including PC’s, Smart Phones or Tablets.


Proud TrueView YouTube advertising examples. Note the brand awareness within the first 5 seconds…

Spur Wednesday kids eat free

VW Silver Oaks

Liquor City


With TrueView you reach your target market in a captive manner with detailed reports on your campaign across various display platforms.

Why it Works

TrueView video advertisements are created with the advertiser in mind. A select audience is targeted and your message / brand is promoted within 5 seconds to a captive audience.

Get Started

There are just three simple steps to putting your video ads on YouTube. Get started by contacting us today to guide you and your business through the entire process.